Isla Mujeres is located 8 miles off the coast of the north end of Cancun. It is 5 Miles long and a ½ mile wide. We are located in the Bay of Bahia De Mujeres (The Bay of The Woman) which is a 15 minute walk from downtown and 20 minutes walk to North beach. Less than a $5.00 USD Taxi fare and 3 minute Taxi ride from downtown and North Beach. GPS coordinates are 21-degrees 14.6N & 86-degrees 44.4W and GPS description is "shrimp dock" (El Milagro Marina is where the old Shrimp dock used to be).

From the Cancun Airport:

Taxis are about $60 US dollars plus $5 tip. Tell the taxi stand driver that you want to go to the Grand Puerto Juarez (about 30 minute ride), to the ULTRAMAR ferry that goes to Isla Mujeres. (The ULTRAMAR is about a 20 minute ride)

The shared shuttles from the airport are about $12 US dollars each but you might end up stopping at multiple hotels in Cancun in the hotel zone which can take an extra hour.

The big air conditioned buses are very nice. For these, you have to walk out of the airport and look for the bus that says CANCUN, it is about 12 US dollars to go to the downtown Cancun bus depot. From there you take a taxi to the ULTRAMAR, usually less than $5 US dollar taxi ride (a bit of a hassle, but not bad considering the savings).

Never get in a taxi without figuring out the Taxi fare first... ASK HOW MUCH TO GO TO YOUR DESTINATION.

The ULTRAMAR ferry runs every 30 minutes and is $8 US dollars each way, 6:30am to 1:30am

When you arrive on Isla Mujeres, El Milagro Marina and Villas are in the same bay you come into on the ferry, about ¾ of a mile to the right when your back is facing Cancun.

Ask the taxi driver to take you to El Milagro Marina and Villas (The old name of the building is BOCA IGELSIA--- they will understand this if they do not understand El Milagro). The normal fare is about $5 US dollars or less depending on the number of bags. People generally tip them a few dollars. Don't be surprised if they charge you $7 the first time, but don't pay more than that. If you go more than 5 minutes you went past our property.

Look for the wall on the right with big wooden gates, next to that is El Milagro Marina (Boca IgelsiaBuilding). This is a big building with yellow tile wainscoting, 20 foot high ceilings and wide open in the middle. Walk thru the building to the marina, when you get up front towards the ocean and the big Palapa, this is where the office is.

Keys will be arranged prior to arrival or Jaime will have the keys.

Shipping & Mailing Information...

Full Name: El Milagro Beach Hotel and Marina
Business Address: El Milagro Marina and Villas
MZA.77 SMZA.2 Lote 04 AVE Rueda Medina
Isla Mujeres, Q. ROO 77400
Office Phone: 52 998 877 1708
Jamie USA Cell: 001 805 698 1512
Jamie MX Cell: 52 998 937 7557
Eric USA Cell: 001 805 698 8165