El Milagro Marina & Amenities

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We have 30, 50, & 100 amp power, high pressure water, 60+ channels on cable TV, free internet, 24 hour security, and great people working for us. Clean bathrooms with hot showers a BBQ party area and a nice Palapa to hang out under. Plus our guys can help figure out what ever else you might need, parts, restaurants, maintenance issues etc.

Customs and Immmigration Services are available at the marina.


  • In Bahia De Mujeres (The Bay of the Woman)
  • Within walking distance to Downtown
  • Three minute taxi ride to Downtown
  • GPS Reading For El Milagro Marina:
    • 21-degrees 14.6N
    • 86-degrees 44.4W
    • Note: GPS still labels this "shrimp dock".
      El Milagro Marina is where the old shrimp dock used to be.

El Milagro facilities

  • Outdoor showers
  • Bathrooms w/showers
  • Outdoor food preparation station w/dual purpose gas grill
  • Outdoor wet-bar
  • Picnic tables
  • Large Palapa w/fans
  • Fresh Drinking Water
  • On-site Parking
  • Gated property

Fun Stuff

  • Kayaks
  • Boogie Boards
  • Snorkeling Gear
  • Beach Towels
  • On-site Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Hammocks
  • Weather Station

Important Stuff

  • Clean Facilities
  • Kids and dogs welcome
  • Polite, friendly & accommodating bi-lingual staff

Transportation nearby

  • Taxi
  • Bus
  • Golf cart
  • Moped

Boat Check-in Procedure

Have yellow quarantine flag up upon arrival. Need captain and all crew members to be on-board and remain on your boat until cleared (usually cleared about 9:00am).

  1. Get all boat papers and passports organized
    • 4 copies of crew list
    • 3 copies of boat registration
    • Proof of last port of departure showing where you are arriving from (fuel receipt, ticket, marina fee reciept, harbor master stamp etc.)
    • Actual passports for all members and 2 copies of each
  2. Government Officials Make Inspection
    • Inspections are arranged by El Milagro staff
    • Sanitation inspection
    • Immigration verification of documents approved by Immigration agent
    • Agriculture Inspection
    • Inspection by Harbor Master
  3. If you are staying more than 2 weeks a temporary importation must be obtained by the owner of the boat or the Captain ( good for ten years )
    • Organize your papers to get Temporary Importation at in Cancun office
    • 3 copies of crew list that has been stamped on Isla Mujeres
    • 3 Copies of Boat Registration
    • $50.00 USA cash or credit card (no Peso's)
    • Bring serial number of boat and serial number of outboard motor of Dingy
    • Directions to get Temporary Importation in Cancun:

      • Take white Express ferry boat next to taxi stand on Isla Mujeres (not Yellow and Blue Ultramar)
      • Exit Ferry station on Cancun side go to the right about 200 Meters.
      • Look for Harbor master office on left side
      • They check all papers and give you an invoice which you pay at bank in same building
      • After you pay, go back with receipt and get your documents stamped
  4. Check out and departure
    • 3 copies of ZARPE (get Zarpie from our office or a cruising guide book)
    • 3 Copies of boat registration
    • 1 Copy of each passport
    • Bring immigration visa card that you received when you checked in
    • Take all crew members and captain to Harbor master office
    • Then all crew and captain go to Immigration, then back to Port captain
    • $30.00 USD or $300.00 Peso to Port Captain
    • Give Jamie and Julio Big Tip and go